About us

WellBoughtWellSold was founded by car enthusiasts and for car enthusiasts to buy and sell collectable cars using our live online auctions. Our objective is to always make 'the car the star' so that potential buyers get an informed, detailed and impartial view of the vehicle. We encourage you to ask questions and get a vibrant debate going in the discussion area. For sellers, it’s the fastest and most efficient way to reach potential buyers and get the best price. We hope you enjoy the ride!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why WellBoughtWellSold?


    We are passionate about automobiles – classic, collectable, vintage, modern or just plain remarkable. On WellBoughtWellSold, our aim is to always make 'the car the star’ with honesty and integrity.


    Selling couldn’t be easier

    With WellBoughtWellSold you can get your car sold quickly and for the best possible market price with the proceeds going straight to your bank account. There is none of the hassle of moving your car to a physical auction location and waiting for the auction date, and none of the hassle associated with classified advertising – the no shows and time wasters!


    Buying couldn’t be easier

    The buying process is simple and totally transparent. The description is designed to be as comprehensive as possible with the best images available so you really know what you’re buying. You can see real time bids in the Discussion area and who made them together with questions for the seller, comments from other users and the opinions of our marque experts.


    Total Transparency

    All cars are HPI checked by WellBoughtWellSold before the auction starts so you can rest assured knowing the vehicle is not stolen, written off, or subject to outstanding finance. Buyers and sellers can communicate directly with each other, so you can ask any questions you want and always get a straight answer. You can monitor all bidders via the Discussion area in real time, and since the Discussion area is always moderated - in most cases by a marque expert - the discussion is relevant and respectable. 

    Payment Protection

    When auctions are completed, buyer and seller deal directly with each other to complete payment. There are tips in the FAQ section on how to do this safely and securely.


    Dedicated Marketing

    Search engines and social media are pivotal in ensuring cars receive the right attention online. All sellers are allocated an experienced WellBoughtWellSold account manager who will build and execute a personalised and paid marketing plan that ensures your car receives the attention it deserves. This includes search engine optimisation, social media marketing and advertising on multiple platforms. This is all part of the unique Well Bought Well Sold service.


    Easy to Use

    We do all the legwork for you. Your account manager will research the market value and audience for your car, discuss potential values and expectations with you. We will help with professional photographs that do your vehicle justice and prepare the editorial, always seeking your input and approval before going live.

  • How do I sell on WellBoughtWellSold?

    Starting the sales process

    First, you need to tell us a little bit about your car (make, model, year, and so on). One of our account managers will then call you to discuss the vehicle with you in more detail, as well as the current market and potential value. We’ll also go through all the terms & conditions of selling with us as well.


    Agreeing to proceed

    Once you agree to proceed we want to make everything as easy as possible for you which is why your account manager will do all the legwork. We will collect more details about the car, draft the editorial for you and let you know what pictures we require. It is important that the photographs are of the best possible quality and we can help with a professional photographer if required.


    Making sure you are happy with the way we present the car

    You can make as many comments and changes to the editorial as you want. This is all done via your WellBoughtWellSold account manager who will work with you to make sure you are completely happy with the way your vehicle is presented.


    Going live

    When you are totally happy with everything, we are ready to go live and we will schedule the auction to start.

  • How can I be sure my car receives maximum attention from potential buyers?

    Search engines and social media is crucial in making sure your car receives the right attention online. All sellers are allocated an experienced account manager who will build and execute a personalised and paid for marketing plan that ensures your car receives the attention it deserves. This will include search engine optimisation, social media promotion via Facebook and Instagram and classified advertising where appropriate - this is all part of the WellBoughtWellSold service.

  • How does the auction work?

    Once the auction is live, bidders will be able to bid any price bid they like, as long as their bid is above the set stage increments - the necessary increments vary depending on different bid levels and will be prompted in the bidding area. Bidders must be registered with us before they can bid and we will hold a buyer’s fee deposit on their credit card for the duration of the auction. This deposit is not charged to the card but held until the auction is over. Deposit holds for unsuccessful bidders will be released when the auction finishes. This protects the integrity of the auction for all users.

  • How does the Discussion area work?

    The Discussion area is designed for the seller to engage with potential buyers and to drive interest. If buyers have questions, they can post them in the Discussion area. Sellers are alerted via email whenever there is a new question. To increase your chances of selling at the best possible price, we recommend checking the Discussion area regularly and responding to questions promptly. The Discussion area is always moderated to ensure discussion is relevant and respectable and, in many cases, the Discussion area moderator will be a marque expert who will drive the discussion.

  • Can a potential buyer inspect the car?

    Potential buyers can inspect the vehicle, but this must be arranged directly with the seller and at the seller’s discretion. We do offer a service where the vehicle can be transported to a central location and one of our representatives will handle all potential buyer questions and inspections. Ask your account manager for more information about this service.

  • What are the fees to sell a car?

    There are no fees for the seller - you get 100% of the winning bid.

  • How does the bidding work and what is 'sniping'?

    Bidders can bid any amount as long as they are above the minimum increment - this will be advise at the time of bidding and varies according to the bidding level that has been achieved to date. The Discussion area will show in real time who the highest bidder is and what they bid. To prevent 'sniping', where a bidder tries to make a winning bid at the very last moment, any bids submitted in the last 2 minutes of the auction will automatically extend the auction for another 2 minutes. In the last 5 minutes of the auction, an additional 2 minutes will be added to the auction for every new bid to prevent ‘sniping’.

  • Can I set a reserve?

    You can set a reserve - please discuss this with your account manager. If your reserve is not met, we will put you in touch with the highest bidder to see if you can negotiate a fair price. In exceptional circumstances, we reserve the right to sell a car to an under reserve bid and make up the difference ourselves. We will notify you if we choose to do this.

  • What happens if my reserve is not met?

    If your reserve is not met, we will put you in touch with the highest bidder to see if you can negotiate a fair price. In some exceptional circumstances we reserve the right to sell a car under reserve and make up the difference ourselves. We will notify you if we choose to do this.

  • Can I set a ‘buy it now’ price?

    WellBoughtWellSold does not offer buyers the option to ‘buy it now’.

  • Can I end an auction early?

    Auctions cannot be terminated or ended early under any circumstances. This is to protect the integrity and transparency of the market place, and to allow all bidders a fair opportunity to join the auction.

  • Can I advertise the car elsewhere whilst the auction is live?

    No. You will need to ensure that all listings and classifieds listed elsewhere are ended before the auction commences. This is to protect the integrity and transparency of the auction process. We cannot cancel or end an auction early.

  • What are the fees to buy a car?

    The winning bidder pays a commission of 6% (inclusive of VAT) of the closing sale price. There is a minimum commission of £300 and maximum of £6000. When you want to bid on a car, you will need to be registered to the site and have a credit card listed in your profile.

  • What happens when an auction closes?

    If you are the winning bidder, the buyer’s commission will be charged to your card as soon as the auction closes. All hold deposits will be released for unsuccessful bidders at the same time.

    We will then introduce the buyer and the seller so that they can complete the transaction. There are some tips on how to do this safely and securely in the FAQ section. The buyer is responsible to arrange for the collection of the car - delivery is not included in the sale price.

  • Tips on completing a sale safely and securely

    WellBoughtWellSold will introduce buyer to seller when the auction closes. Be courteous and ensure you have sight of all ownership documents before making payment. Please use one of the many Escrow service providers for additional security.

  • What happens if the winning bidder refuses to honour the auction?

    Once the auction closes, we will charge the buyer’s credit card the buyer's fee immediately. This acts as a deterrent to buyers who might not want to complete the sale. If the buyer refuses to complete the sale you should contact your account manager immediately.