Photo Guide

The Well Bought Well Sold Guide… to taking great pictures of your Car

An Auction on WellBoughtWellSold is all about the car – so it needs to look good! 

This guide allows you to properly present your car and take an amazing set of photos to go with the Auction. You can use a professional camera but a good smart phone will do the job.

The Gallery

There is a gallery for every Auction designed to show your car to the best effect for prospective buyers. Take a look at some existing images from the Live Auction

1. To get going, make sure the car is clean

Wash and dry the exterior, clean and vacuum the interior and remove everything from the interior that is not included in the auction.

2. Shoot outside if possible

We recommend that you photograph the car outside if at all possible. We know that the weather can be grim sometimes but natural light will show the car off best. Cars look better when they are photographed outside.

3. Think about the natural light

Shade is better than direct sunlight. Maybe early or later in the day.

4. Pick a great location

A location that does not clash with the car and has minimal distractions is best. Find a quiet, uncluttered location. Try and keep your chosen background – a wall, trees, etc. – as consistent as possible in all the shots. Always make a quick check before you shoot or by checking the image after you shoot to make sure there are no unintended objects or visitors in the image - animals, people or other objects.

5. Start with the car’s exterior

Always shoot in landscape format or horizontally. Set the car against your chosen background, ideally with the sun or light behind you.

Start on the driver’s side and work your way around. Remember, you might need to move the vehicle between shots to keep the background consistent. Cover the entire car and always leave plenty of space around the car so that you can crop the shots at a later stage. Get down on your knees to get the right angle. Do ¾ views both front and straight shots, both front and back.

6. Move on to the interior

With the door open capture as much of the interior as you can fit in the image – the steering wheel, dash, seats, etc. 

After, focus on individual details such as the gauges, speeds, dash controls, gear change, steering wheels, footwell and pedals. Anything with glass or very shiny surfaces such as the speedo will reflect - adjust your shooting angle to avoid this.

Cover the interior from both sides of the car. Remember to include photos of as much as possible – this will make potential buyers feel more confident about the car and avoid questions later. Include seats back and front, headliners, carpets and mats, door cards, glass and any other details. 

7. Shoot the engine

With the bonnet open, make sure it is nice and clean and free from debris such as twigs and leaves. 

Cover the entire engine bay from above and from either side, making sure to get as much of the engine bay in each shot.

Take close-ups and of all the components including carburetors, ignition, valve cover and belts. For other details such as branding, engine stamps and markings get as close as you can making sure the imagery is as clear as possible. Again, buyers will want to see this detail. 

8. Get underneath

If you can get the vehicle on a lift, great. Alternatively, you will need to lie on the ground and point the camera up. Try and capture as much detail as you can - under the engine, the gearbox, suspension, wheels, tyres and brakes. Shoot any rust or other damage.

9. Make sure you cover every detail – good or bad

Don’t try enhancing or digitally amending the photos you take – buyers want to see everything. Issues that come to light during the auction will potentially affect the bidding. After the car is sold, anything that wasn’t disclosed may cause further issues. At WellBoughtWellSold, we want our listings to be as transparent and honest as possible.

10. All the other things

Always include a photo of the VIN and any other manufacturing data plates and stickers. Include photos of the tool kit, extra equipment and the spare tyre. 

11. Ownership documents, service records and other items from the history file

Take photos of all documentation that comes with the car. It is always good to lay service records out as a fan. Include the V5 and any other ownership documents along with available MOT certificates and anything else that is relevant. Block out any personal contact information that is visible before taking the photos. 

Check List


  • Driver-side view straight  
  • Driver-side view ¾ front  
  • Driver-side view ¾ rear
  • Passenger-side view straight Passenger-side view ¾ front Passenger-side view ¾ rear 
  • Head-on front
  • Head-on rear

  • Beneath driver door
  • Beneath passenger door
  • Wing detail RF 
  • Wing detail LF 
  • Wing detail LR 
  • Wing detail RR 
  • Seams and gaps 
  • Emblems & Logos
  • Trim pieces
  • Chrome pieces
  • Lights both on & off
  • Exterior and Interior plastics
  • Wheels and tyres
  • Wheel wells

  • Full shot from low angle (lie down)
  • Full shot from above if possible
  • Full shot from a distance

  • Glass
  • Glass details & stickers
  • Any Exterior problem areas

Stickers and tags

  • Identification plate/manufacturers data/chassis number/VIN

Convertible or hard top

  • Soft top up and down
  • Tonneau on and off
  • Hardtop on and off
  • Stand Tools


  • Seats from driver-side
  • Seats from passenger-side
  • Stitching/seat details
  • Steering wheel
  • Gauges
  • Speedometer (current mileage reading)
  • Switches
  • Console
  • Dash overall
  • Dash detail
  • Glove box closed 
  • Glove box open 
  • Belts detail
  • Door cards, driver
  • Door cards, passenger
  • Radio
  • Instruments with lights on
  • Digital functions
  • Interior lights
  • Carpets/mats
  • Floor beneath carpets if removable
  • Boot
  • Boot empty
  • Boot with spare
  • Boot floor w/o spare
  • Interior problem areas

Engine bay

  • Engine bay
  • Engine bay, driver-side
  • Engine bay, passenger-side
  • Engine bay details
  • Components
  • Stamps and makers marks


  • Under car from front, back, left, right

Other (Blank out personal details)

  • V5
  • Service records
  • MOT certificates
  • History file

Anything else that is relevant or included in the sale